Ventilation Fans

With the correct fan, an air-handling unit can operate more efficiently with lower noise, resulting in considerable dollar savings over the life of the unit. Optimization of ventilation fans may provide first-cost savings by allowing you to select a fan at a lower price or a smaller motor and drive.

Trane Climate Changer™ air handlers offer an extensive array of fan types and options that let you select the exact fan you need to meet capacity. With our ventilation fans you can optimize not only to meet the airflow and static pressure requirements, but also the acoustical, efficiency, and discharge requirements. Variable-frequency drives for modulation in variable-air-volume systems gives you even more precision.

Selection of ventilation fans should be based on the fan airflow (cfm), total static pressure (TSP), efficiency (bhp), operating range, and sound levels. Trane fan curves show fan cfm, TSP, fan rpm, and fan wide-open cfm (WOCFM) performance relationships with the fan in the module. The effect of the air handler casing on fan performance is included in the fan curve. Fan curve catalogs are available from your local Trane sales engineer.

Trane offers fan types that include forward-curved (FC) airfoil (AF), backward-curved (BC) plenum (unhoused AF, or plug), and direct-drive plenum fans. 

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