Advantage™ VRF Variable Refrigerant Volume


The Advantage Variable Refrigerant Volume portfolio is a comprehensive line-up of outdoor units, indoor units with a wide range of capacities and configurations, and a control platform that ties it all together. We offer the flexibility to meet the application requirements of most building types.

Whether your project is a historic building without duct work, a building with flexible occupancy needs such as a school, church or arena, or new construction that will be finished by tenants, the Trane Advantage Variable Refrigerant Volume system can help. Contact your local Trane sales account representative for more information.

Trane Advantage Variable Refrigerant Volume systems move heated or cooled refrigerant through the interior of a building using small diameter pipes. The refrigerant passes through coils in each room being served by a system; fans or blowers move air past the heated or cooled coils, warming or cooling the room.

  • Outdoor Units
  • Mini Outdoor Units
  • Cassette Indoor Units
  • Concealed Indoor Units
  • High Wall and Floor Ceiling Units
  • Individual Zone Controls
  • Centralized Controls
  • System Controls
  • Integrated Building Control


For Technical Specifications, please refer to the Catalog or Installation documents on theLiterature tab.