BAS R'newal Program

BAS R'newal Program

The Tracer R’newal Controls Upgrade Program will help maximize building performance, improve occupant comfort, and increase operational productivity – all in a solution that meets your budget and long-term service needs.

Tracer R’newal is a Trane exclusive, factory-warranted Tracer legacy controls upgrade program that brings Tracer legacy units up to the latest in building automation management, technology and performance.

From now until December 31, 2013, Trane is offering a $1,000 system discount to customers who purchase both a controls system upgrade and a controls service agreement. Contact your local Trane sales office to register for your discount today!

The Tracer R’newal Process

  • Comprehensive Control Evaluation:
    Trane will come to your facility for a complete site survey, top to bottom, in order to fully evaluate the current condition and effectiveness of your control system.

  • Evaluation Report and Recommendations:
    After fully evaluating your building control system, we’ll put our findings into a proposal that details the recommended controls upgrade path and service program.

  • Renewal Process:
    Next, utilizing as much of the existing hardware as possible, we’ll upgrade your building system components with our latest controls and software, complete with Trane factory warranties.

  • Service Agreement:
    A multiple-year service agreement is available to make sure your system is operating – and continues to operate – at its most efficient level. We want to make sure your operators take full advantage of all the capabilities the updated system has to offer—to keep your systems, and your buildings, at their most productive.

Only Trane can provide you with a planned upgrade path that competitors can’t match in terms of cost and system performance.


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