eFlex™ Rooftops
3 to 5 Tons

Trane combines technological innovation with legendary durability and performance to create the lowest cost of ownership. Trane® Precedent™ rooftop units not only offer the lowest installed cost, they also can reduce utility bills and maintenance requirements to create the lowest total cost of ownership in units that can operate at peak performance for as long as 20 to 30 years.

Precedent ultra-high-efficiency models continue the Trane tradition of leadership in energy efficiency with these innovations:

Trane eFlex™ variable-speed compressors and fans (available fall 2013) deliver the performance building occupants need, while also delivering the efficiency building owners want. By precisely matching output to the cooling demands of the space, Trane eFlex compressors and fans operate at their fastest levels when demand is  high, and modulate to slower levels when demand is less, for an ultra-high Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER, which measures efficiency at peak output) and Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio (IEER, a measurement of efficiency at variable workloads). The result: lower energy use and smaller energy bills.

Trane eDrive™ direct-drive fans save energy and operate more quietly than competing units. These highly efficient fans feature a beltless design, which reduces maintenance over the lifetime of the unit and lowers operating costs.

The optional Trane Human Interface Panel represents a breakthrough in unit controls, delivering comprehensive information about system performance on a
large, easy-to-read color touchscreen display. Technicians can quickly and easily monitor important system operating parameters in real time, and compare current information with past performance—information that can be invaluable in keeping your Precedent rooftop unit working optimally.

Even the most highly configured Precedent units are ready in as few as two weeks—the fastest delivery time in the industry. You’ll spend less time waiting for your new Precedent rooftop unit and more time enjoying its cooling performance.

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