TOPSS Equipment Selection

Trane Official Product Selection System (TOPSS) is a flexible and powerful software package that helps you determine the Trane equipment that best meets your HVAC needs. TOPSS guides you through the steps that will generate a list of product selections that meet or exceed your specifications.

Unlike most selection programs that use table look-up techniques, TOPSS uses fundamental models to establish equipment performance. Many of these models are rated and certified. For example, ARI 410 that establishes a single set of testing and rating requirements for determining capacities on air cooling/heating coils and product performance.

Simply enter a set of conditions and desired performances into TOPSS and the program decides on product configurations that are appropriate for the specified parameters. After performing these calculations, TOPSS provides an online location to review, print, graph, select, export schedules to Microsoft Excel™, and e-mail your equipment selections to your Trane sales engineer.

For a free copy of the TOPSS application contact your local Trane Sales representative. Once your account is set up you can use your Customer ID to download the software from the Download Center.