CXAO High Efficiency Heat Pump

240 - 860 kW

Main features

  • High efficiency scroll compressors
  • AC axial fans with continuous fan speed modulation up to size 500
  • EC motor axial fans on sizes 530-860
  • Electronic expansion valves
  • Water side plate heat exchanger with differential pressure switch and antifreeze protection electric heater with thermostat
  • Air side heat exchanger high efficiency finned coils with seamless copper tubes expanded into corrugated aluminium fins
  • Intelligent dual controller
  • Casing and panels in galvanised and painted steel
  • Serial card RS485 for Modbus

Customer benefits

  • Premium seasonal energy efficiency, both in cooling and heating mode (SCOP up to 3.4 and SEER up to 4.3)
  • Reliable operation in heating mode down to -15°C outdoor air temperature
  • State-of-the-art design for quiet operation and easy building installation
  • Sophisticated and user friendly microprocessor-based controller
  • Several optional serial cards available for BMS connection


  • Desuperheater for partial heat recovery
  • Low noise or super low noise versions
  • Single and dual on-off or inverter water pump packages, with or without water tank
  • High static pressure EC fans for 100 Pa 
  • Axitop diffusers for average sound reduction of 1 dB(A)
  • Electrical power supply without neutral
  • Power factor correction to cos phi 0.91
  • Automatic circuit breakers (without pump)
  • Control panel electric heater with thermostat
  • Phase failure protection relay
  • Water pumps automatic changeover
  • Condensing coil anti-intrusion grilles
  • Complete anti-intrusion grilles
  • Serial card with BACnet™ protocol TCP/IP or MS/TP
  • Gateway Modbus LonTalk™
  • Gas gauges
  • Softstarter
  • Only epoxy pre-painted aluminum fins
  • Only external epoxy coated coils
  • Aluminum epoxy coated condensing coils (with epoxy prepainted aluminum fins and external epoxy coating)
  • Aluminum condensing coils with Blygold coating
  • (Tinned) copper/copper condensing coils


  • Remote control display
  • Sea container kit
  • Flow switch
  • Automatic water filling
  • Water strainer
  • Victaulic kit
  • Water gauges
  • Rubber or spring anti vibration mounts


  • Standard 8 button LCD display
  • 32 bit microprocessor with a 4 MB storage memory, real time clock for alarms storage, multi-language control software
  • Communication card RS485
  • Optional
    • Remote control display
    • BACnetTM, LonTalk® communication capabilities

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