Trane Expands Chiller Portfolio with Breakthrough Systems Designed for European Markets

Five new chillers with broad range of capacities from 20 kW to 14 000 kW to meet cooling needs for every comfort and process application

Epinal, France, 26 June, 2014Trane, a leading global provider of indoor comfort and process solutions and services and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, announced today that it has significantly expanded its chiller portfolio for Europe.

Trane will offer five new chilled water systems with capacity ranges from 20kW to 14,000kW -- to meet the cooling, efficiency and acoustics needs of healthcare, education, commercial buildings, process cooling and lodging markets in Europe.

These new systems are available with advanced controls and designed with innovative efficiency and acoustics features to cost effectively meet customer requirements for capacity, performance and sustainability.

The new systems are: Trane RTHDevo (water cooled chillers from 500 kW-1500 kW); Sintesis (air cooled chillers from 300 kW-1500 kW); Stealth™ (quietest air-cooled chiller from 500 kW-1050 kW); Series E™ CenTraVac™ (next generation CenTraVac from
2600 kW-14,000 kW); and Conquest (air cooled scroll heat pumps and chillers from 20 kW-165 kW).

“Trane combined world-leading product and customer research with new technology development and rigorous product testing to deliver a high performance chiller portfolio for Europe,” said Jose LaLoggia, general manager for Trane in Europe. “These systems were designed for cost effectiveness and optimal energy efficiency for part and full-load performance, and in compliance with the most stringent local standards and performance ratings.”

Trane RTHDevo 
Water Cooled Liquid Chillers with Helical-Rotary Compressors

The new RTHDevo is an integrated system that combines Trane water-cooled screw chillers with advanced Tracer™ UC800 controller technologies, that provide the intelligence behind the chiller to keep it online and connected.

The system is offered in cooling capacities from 500kW-1500kW, which is ideal for applications in healthcare facilities, comfort cooling or precision temperature control within a sensitive industrial process.  

The new RTHDevo is highly energy efficient. At the 1300 kW cooling load, the system is up to 34 percent more efficient than other available chillers (simulation conducted in Frankfurt, Germany). On an annual basis, these results would generate up to 5800 EUR financial savings based on local electricity costs.

The system has a simple product design for greater reliability with fewer moving parts and infinite unloading for extra load matching and system differential to move oil. The patented Trane falling film evaporator design provides industry-leading efficiency and contributes to reduced energy bills and less refrigerant charge.

RTHDevo features an advanced, digital Tracer™ UC800 controller that provides the intelligence behind the chiller, keeping it connected and online. The system features adaptive control algorithms and proprietary control strategies that respond to a variety of conditions and maintain efficient operation.

Trane Sintesis
Air-cooled liquid chillers with helical-rotary compressor in 300 kW to 1500 kW

The Trane Sintesis air-cooled chiller are perfectly suitable for every comfort and process cooling application and have been designed to provide cooling all year round, in all market segments around the globe including hotels, commercial buildings, schools and healthcare facilities.

With 11 efficiency/acoustic combinations, Sintesis demonstrates unique versatility and delivers uncompromised performance responding to the most critical customer needs for comfort and process cooling.

The design of Trane Sintesis offers product innovations that bring weight reduction, improved efficiency/footprint ratio and reliability: micro-channel condenser coil, Trane- patented flooded evaporator, new EC fans and fan diffusers.

Sintesis features Tracer™ UC800 controller with TD7 interface and 7” color touchscreen for intuitive navigation and extensive connectivity. The smart, advanced controls contribute to operational effectiveness offering data trending, clear alarm log, remote monitoring, data collection, analysis and recommendation.

Additionally, the control set-up can be easily connected to a dry cooler for free-cooling applications and offers an “ice making” feature for ice-enhanced cooling during peak demand.

Trane Series E™ CenTraVac
Water Cooled Centrifugal Chiller with capacities from 2600 kW to 14 000 kW

The Series E CenTraVac chiller is a large-capacity chiller for applications like comfort cooling of large commercial buildings including district cooling. It is up to 10 percent more energy efficient than the next best chiller available in this tonnage, delivering industry-leading efficiencies at both part-load and full-load capacity.

The Trane Series E is a large-capacity chiller that uses an ultra-low global warming potential (GWP) olefin (HFO) refrigerant, and it builds upon direct-drive, multi-stage, semi-hermetic, low-pressure design technology. It recently received Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) Certification. The Series E CenTraVac allows for heat pump, heat recovery and free-cooling applications resulting in increased sustainability. Additionally, the unit offers an “ice making” feature for ice-enhanced cooling during peak demand.

Trane Conquest
Air-cooled scroll heat pumps and chillers offering capacities from 20 kW to 165 kW

Trane Conquest small-capacity chillers are designed to be among the quietest systems, even in the most noise-sensitive applications, and optimize energy consumption within varying building or application loads and capacity modulations.

Available in a cooling-only and in a reversible heat pump version, the units offer increased versatility. Unit monitoring is delivered in 15 languages through the new Trane light commercial controller with LCD display. Optional 7” color touchscreen offers further advanced control capabilities and intuitive navigation with data trending, clear alarm log and remote monitoring.

Trane Stealth™
Quietest air-cooled chiller offering capacities from 500 kW to 1050 kW

Trane Stealth chillers deliver an industry-leading combination of part-load and full-load efficiencies and the lowest published sound levels for an air-cooled chiller in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry.

At the core of the Stealth chiller’s performance is AdaptiSpeed™ technology – the integration of a direct-drive, specific-speed screw compressor, permanent-magnet motors and Trane Adaptive Frequency™ Drive. The chiller’s innovative compressor design delivers peak efficiency under all operating conditions, in full or part load.

Quiet operation is designed into every Stealth air-cooled chiller to meet specific application needs in both newly constructed and existing buildings, especially in educational institutions and data centers.

The Tracer™ UC800 provides the intelligence behind the Stealth chiller and features adaptive control algorithms that respond to a variety of conditions to maintain efficient chiller plant operation.

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