Tracer AdaptiView™ Control Upgrades

Tracer AdaptiView™ Control Upgrades

The Tracer AdaptiView™ control panel with Adaptive Control™ keeps your chiller online when other chillers shut down. For Series R, AdaptiView upgrades are available for models RTHA, RTHB, RTHC and RTHD.  For Trane CenTraVac®, all models can be upgraded, including those with pneumatic and electro-mechanical unit control systems. Competitive centrifugal chillers can also be upgraded to Trane AdaptiView Control.  The AdaptiView retrofit chiller control panel brings Trane’s industry leading feedforward control algorithms to the aftermarket. With a full color touch-screen display, interactive animated graphics (including those for legacy chiller models), and 24 languages, operators can view, access and control chiller operations and functions and gain insight into the operating patterns, energy use and system performance.

Communicate and coordinate with the latest building services

Upgrading to AdaptiView paves the way to connect to Trane Intelligent Services (TIS)-enabled services and allows you to take full advantage of the advanced controls technology provided with AdaptiView. Gain the capability to interface with a chiller plant management system and with building automation controls using Tracer, BacNet, ModBus, or LONtalk.

The Tracer AdaptiView upgrade is a comprehensive retrofit package, available exclusively, installed and commissioned, by Trane factory certified technicians. The upgrade includes everything needed to migrate to the most advanced technology in chiller operation and control. The retrofit improves the chiller’s reliability by replacing older controls. For years of uninterrupted chiller service, accept no substitutes.

The starter, chiller frequency drive, purge, and lubrication system are completely integrated into the unit control and not handled as separate processes. Trane adaptive control strategies monitor key parameters to maximize a unit’s ability to operate under fault conditions, while still providing the ultimate protection of unit shutdown before the fault damages the unit motor, compressor or heat exchangers.

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