RTHD Optimus Upgrades

Adaptive Frequency Drive Upgrades

Your Series RTM chiller, model RTHD can become 15–25% more energy efficient

Give your RTHD chiller the ability to work smarter by applying the latest drive technology.

Main features

  • The Trane AFDR upgrade is an air-cooled solution, making it easy to install. Because of its 98% efficiency, the rejected heat has little impact on equipment room environments.
  • Integrated controls software
    The Trane-patented AFD control logic is integrated with the RTHD chiller controls to optimise chiller efficiency, reliability and drive performance.
  • Standard motor protection includes over and under voltage and lack-of-phase protection.
  • Advanced motor protections, including output short circuit and ground fault protection, input transient, motor overload protection, motor over/underspeed protection and voltage protections are standard.
  • The AFDR interfaces with the Tracer AdaptiViewTM control system.
  • Packaged and custom remote mount options
  • The AFD can be remote mounted to meet your requirements and mechanical room space restrictions. The “close-mount” option comes with all conduit and cabling required to install the AFD near the chiller. Choose standard, remote floor or wall mount options.
  • Variable torque and soft start reduces the risk of motor and compressor damage. Compressor motor is started using low frequency and voltage, then brought up to the correct speed slowly by increasing the frequency and voltage (torque) at the same ratio.
  • Reduced sound levels: RTHD full load sound power can be reduced by almost 10 dBA with an AFD when the load reduces to 50% of full load.

Customer benefits

  • AFD helps maximize chiller efficiency and reduces power consumption
  • Compact design
  • Indoor installation: easy maintenance
  • Minimum maintenance requirements


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