CGAV - Modular

85Kw - 150Kw

Main features

  • Installation space is reduced to less than half: Compact design with a 43% reduction in size compared to our conventional model (CXAM052) allowing for effective use of available space.
  • Control multiple units with a single device: Control up to 20 units with a single module controller. Fine control of each unit can be configured within the respective controller panel.
  • Great operability without needing a user manual: The module controller allows for up to 20 units to be managed from one device, and the 7-inch touch screen enables intuitive operation.
  • Monitor from your computer or smart phone: The control software not only allows access from computers but also allows access to the monitoring system using mobile terminals such as smart phones and tablets. Single-touch operation, color-changing animations and other features make for an easy-to-read, easy-to-operate monitoring screen that is intuitive to change.
  • Simultaneous monitoring of multiple facilities: Tracer ESTM control software is especially designed for use at large scale facilities, allowing for centralised control of buildings and facilities over a range of sites and realising improved awareness and control in real-time.

Customer benefits

  • Life cycle effectiveness
  • Great cost performance
  • Easy to operate: via touch-screen
  • No paper-trail: The legal refrigerant ton amount of each unit is less than 20 tons, eliminating the need to fill out legal paperwork under the High Pressure Gas Safety Act.
  • Reduced down time: Even if a unit under module control fails, control of the remaining units continues.
    Space saving: Compact design means it can be installed on rooftops or outside, allowing for more effective use of existing machinery room space.
  • High scalability: Up to 20 units can be controlled with each module controller device. Furthermore, the Trane Control System can be used to expand control and monitoring capacity to up to 160 units.
  • Flexible installation sites
  • Negligible effect on construction time
  • Flexibility as both cooler and heater


  • Integrated hydraulic module with or without buffer tank
  • Unit controller
  • Module controller (with externally mounted hot/cold water temperature sensor and Modbus interface)
  • BACnet Interface
  • Harmonic Filter
  • Differential Pressure Gauge
  • Coil Guard
  • Soundproof Compressor Cover
  • Aspersion Spray Kit
  • Vibration-Proof Rubber Pad or Spring Mount
  • Hot/Cold Water Pump
  • Pump inverter
  • Snow-proof Hood


  • Strainer
  • Flow Switch
  • Hot/Cold Water Reverse Flow Stop Valve or Solenoid
  • Flow Gauge
  • Power and Signal Cables

Tracer™ SC Control

The Tracer® SC is an intelligent field panel that communicates with unit controllers (LON or BACnet) that provide standalone control of HVAC equipment. The Tracer® SC scans all unit controllers to update information and coordinate building control, including building subsystems such as VAV and chilled water systems. The LAN allows building operators to manage these varied components as one system using web access.

Trane™ BAS Operator Suite - a Mobile App for Tracer® SC

The mobile app is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play:

Apple App Store: Trane Tracer® BAS Operator Suite

Google Play: Trane Tracer® BAS Operator Suite

The Trane Tracer® BAS Operator Suite mobile app has all that you need to check your building’s Tracer® SC HVAC system to see what’s happening, to respond to hot/cold calls quickly and get more done in your day. Your building, at your fingertips.

The Trane Tracer® BAS Operator Suite mobile app allows Tracer® SC building operators to control their buildings from anywhere. The mobile app puts monitoring equipment, making set point changes, controlling spaces, and managing alarms in the palm of your hand. It gives you peace of mind when you are away and flexibility to check in when you are not at your desk.

The Tracer® BAS Operator Suite works with the Trane building automation system controller: Tracer SC version 3.6 and higher. The BAS suite is fully integrated with Tracer® SC – just log in to view your building! The BAS Suite works with iPhone®, iPod touch®, and iPad® devices as well as Android™ devices.

With the Trane BAS Operator Suite, you can:

Manage Alarms

  • See the active and historic alarms in your system, their severity and what generated the alarms.
  • Acknowledge new alarms and add comments for others to see.
  • Keep the alarm log tidy with the delete alarm functionality.

View Status

  • See what’s happening in spaces, with equipment and entire systems.
  • Built-in graphics for easy to read status, at a glance, including animations.

Take Action

  • Respond to hot/cold calls by adjusting setpoints, overriding equipment and occupancy.

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